Groundwater Guardian Team

The Central Wyoming Groundwater Guardian Team was established in 1996 as an advisory team to the Central Wyoming Regional Water System Joint Powers Board.  The Team's mission is to initiate activities that support protection of the Regional Water System well fields from both surface and subsurface contamination.  The Team is made up of volunteers and includes residents living near the wellhead protection area, community leaders, local business people, and educators.  It is the duty and responsibility of the Team to educate the community on the importance of protecting and preserving the public's ground water and drinking water for our generation and future generations.  Team members are committed to working together to achieve this common goal.  The Groundwater Guardian Team strives to take a proactive approach to:

  • Prevent groundwater contamination
  • Promote compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Decrease financial burdens on consumers and funding agencies
  • Protect drinking water sources for future generations.

Team Accomplishments

Since its inception in 1996, the Central Wyoming Groundwater Guardian Team has focused on the following five-step plan for groundwater protection:

  • Actively planning team membership
  • Actively protect zones of influence around well fields
  • Identify existing and potential contamination sources
  • Manage the protection area
  • Develop a contingency plan

In December 1998, the Team completed a comprehensive Wellhead Protection Management Plan for use in protecting the Central Wyoming Regional Water System well fields, which provide the citizens of the region with eighty percent of their drinking water.  The plan incorporated each of the steps listed above and provides a blueprint for groundwater protection in Central Wyoming.

If you are interested in participating in the Central Wyoming Groundwater Guardian Team, please contact Team Chairman, Floyd Field by phone at (307)234-4044.  Meetings are held at the Central Wyoming Regional Water Treatment Plant, 1500 SW Wyoming Blvd., Casper, WY.  Please call (307)265-6063 for date and time.

The Groundwater Guardian Program

Groundwater Guardian is a Groundwater Foundation program that supports communities protecting groundwater.  It is designed to empower local citizens and communities to take voluntary steps toward protecting their groundwater resources.  Groundwater Guardian can be a catalyst for groundwater protection programs such as a local wellhead protection or source water protection program.  Groundwater Guardian is not a regulatory program; rather it relies on voluntary steps developed at the community level.

For more information on the Groundwater Foundation and the Groundwater Guardian program, visit the Groundwater Foundation web site.

Team Members:

Floyd Field, Chairman

Bruce Pedersen, Secretary/Treasurer

Margaret Teevens, Team Member

, Advisor/Regional Water System Contact